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Gemstone Consultancy
Consult our Astrologers for which gemstones to wear

Our Astrologer analyses a Kundali and diagnoses the weakness of planets.

It has been observed that a person encounters difficulties in enjoying the traits of a weak planet in its full strength.

For example, the weak strength of Mercury in a birth chart results in weak assessment, analytical and decisive powers.
In addition to this the person may suffer from lack of confidence or weak power of discrimination.

After carefully analyzing the weak strength of the planet/s in a birth chart, the related gem/s as well as suitable weight are suggested. The gems may be worn in the form of a ring. However, sometimes they may be worn in the form of a locket or a pendent also.

Our Astrologer will help you to take right decisions / steps to remove your obstacles in your Life, and you will get a advise for it by recommending a stone as per the current dashas and planet positions in your Kundali.

Order your Gemstones Report Now
INR Rs. 210, US $5.5
(Delivery by Email in 5 days)

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